Transnational Flows Between France and China

Kaori Ogawa’s portraits explore the experience of Chinese immigrants in Paris. See more of her beautiful work here.


Career Resources from the One Acre Fund

Between Innocence and Dissidence

Instead of writing a traditional thesis, Quyen Ngo completed a documentary short for her capstone project. The result? A beautiful and insightful look at the politics of everyday life in Vietnam. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for details of an upcoming installation.


“to be honest, if Brown has something better than this, bring it on.”

Wise words from Cornel Ban.

Congrats to all on yesterday’s capstone presentations! More video, images, and news to come but if you missed it, here’s a sneak peek…

Check out this incredible infographic that Nicole Parrish designed as part of her thesis “Money Whitens… But it Don’t Make You White.”

And Colleen McDonald killing it while presenting her thesis, “It’s a human tragedy and these bastards who are bringing these boatpeople should be shot”: Framing People Smugglers in Australian News Media.

Schedule for Senior Capstone Presentations

Development Studies Senior Capstone Presentations
May 1, 2012
Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute for International Studies


9.30: Introductory remarks by DS Deputy Director Cornel Ban

9.45-11.00: Migration and Development

Colleen McDonald — “It’s a human tragedy and these bastards who are bringing these boatpeople should be shot”: Framing People Smugglers in Australian News Media

Nicole Parrish — Money Whitens….But It Don’t Make You White

Lisa Berdie — Contextualizing the Educational Attainment Process: The Case of Hispanic Youth in Providence, Rhode Island

William Do — Can the Acculturated Speak?  Educational and Employment Marginalization of the Khmer Chinese American

Kaori Ogawa — Transnational Flows Between France and China

11.00-12.30: Socio-Economic Development

Sophie Kainen — Demystifying the Moneylender: Informal Moneylending in Malawi and Controlling the Hype: A Discussion of the Limitations and Implications of Randomized Control Trials in Development Economics

Sanna Vohra — How Do You Increase Private Sector Investment in Social Impact Bonds? An Analysis of the Structural Changes Necessary to Proliferate the Social Impact Bond Model

Sarah Sklar — Macroeconomics with Chinese Characteristics

Alina Kung — Locating the Chinese Citizen in the Health Care State: Understanding Roles and Appeals in Cyberspace

Josh Rowe — Matters of Perspective: Tracing Romania’s Agricultural Challenges

Addie Thompson — The Power of Intercultural Exchange: Leveraging the Tourism Industry for Rural Development through Multi-Level, Participatory Social Enterprise

12.30-1.00: Civil Society

Sofia Unanue — Revolutionary Words: Protest Space and Rhetorical Frames in Tahrir Square (abstract to be read by Cornel Ban)

Ashlie Williams — Issue Emergence on Feminist Agendas: Interrogating Inaction on HIV and AIDS

1.00-2.00: Lunch

2.00-3.00: Development, Culture and Media

Louis Medina — Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Electronic Music as a Medium for Minority Representation

Quyen Ngo — Between Innocence and Dissidence: Exploring the Politics of Everyday Life in Contemporary Vietnam


SEEED (Social Enterprise and Ecosystem building for Economic Development) 2012 was a huge success! In March, Brown hosted its first social entrepreneurship conference that brought together successful entrepreneurs, non-profit experts, investors, legislators, and academics. In the starts of planning SEEED 2013, we are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated students that are ready to meet like-minded individuals and encourage the social enterprise movement to the next level. If you are interested in participating in any way, come to the info session on Tuesday, May 1st and 2nd at 2:00 PM at the Underground.  For questions, please email or