Prepping midterm and next Tues

Dear all:

The midterm is due on March 26th. Please keep in mid that if you are not keen to participate in the IMF project you can do so at will before the midterm. Come see me to talk alternative projects if that’s the case.

To get started, by next Tuesday I want all teams to fill in the empty columns of the attached table that focuses on a specific aspect of fiscal affairs: tax policy. The task is to check if the policies advocated in the headquarters’ Global Fiscal Monitor in 2014 are also applied by field teams in the article IV consultation reports with Ireland in the same year as well as in the country’s latest loan agreement with the Troika. I used copy/paste to fill in the relevant doctrinal statements on taxation from GFM. Your job is to do the same for article IV and loan agreement.

After you finish the table, prepare a power point ready with the main findings on what migrated into IMF practice and what did not. The presentation’s main question is: Has the IMF’s official doctrine on taxes in advanced economies traveled into its field practice? Each team will do a presentation in PP. We will have fun comparing the results.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Global Fiscal Monitor 2014_Ireland_exercise


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