Senior thesis presentations: a few guidelines

Dear all:
Big senior theses presentation coming up on May 1st in the Watson. Congrats to seniors for getting to this point.
A couple of pointers for presenters:
You have 10 mins of presentation and 5 minutes of Q and A.
Do not have more than a slide per minute. This means 10 slides max.
Keep the content on the slides to a minimum. This is you talking. Rule of thumb: four lines per slide max.
Bring family and friends. This is a big deal in your academic life. Also, it’s a formal event so I, for one, will dress up. But that’s just me.
Expect to be challenged on methodology and content. Juniors have this as a DEVL1500 assignment.Structure of the presentation:
1. Begin by drawing us into the topic. make it really interesting, topical, “weird.” Remember our brainstorming on the fact that you start with a puzzle.
2. Your main argument. Make it friendly. No jargon, please.
3. Briefly tell us what methods you used.
4. Break down your findings (bulk of the presentation: about 6 minutes).

5. What’s your contribution to DS, what do you bring to the conversation?. i.e. Why should we care? Who do you argue against? Why should the rest of us give a damn? This a strategically key: make sure we leave the room with three clear take-home lessons.




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