Research Assistant at the Urban Institute

The Urban Institute’s Metropolitan Housing and Communities Center is looking for a Research Assistant to work with senior researchers collecting and analyzing data for research projects on a range of issues including housing and community development, economic development and performance management.

Responsibilities will consist of managing data, writing computer programs for data processing and analysis, and producing tables, charts, and maps for reports. Other responsibilities may include producing literature reviews, conducting field work, and writing summaries of research procedures and results.

Bachelor’s degree required. Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Public Policy, Urban Studies, Sociology, or other social science field preferred. Candidate must demonstrate solid mathematical ability, analytic thinking, and research skills. Experience with qualitative or quantitative analysis, statistical packages (SAS, SPSS, Stata), mapping software (ArcGIS), database development, or computer programming languages a plus. Requires an organized, highly motivated, creative, and self-confident individual who can work effectively on multiple projects at once. Should have a strong interest in one or more of the following topics: community building and neighborhood revitalization, low-income housing, affordable homeownership, discrimination and segregation, economic development, or performance management.

To apply, visit:


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