Equitable Origin Internship

Our social media team is looking for a writer/intern!

Interested in issues of development, fair trade, oil&gas, biodiversity and are comfortable writing/blogging about our work on the ground and current issues in the field?

Who we are:
Equitable Origin is an innovative stakeholder-based voluntary certification system designed to promote higher social and environmental standards, greater transparency, and more accountability in oil and gas exploration and production. Equitable Origin delivers a market mechanism for positive change that reduces the social and environmental impact of oil and gas operations, creates a new market for responsibly produced fuels and petroleum-derived products, and empowers consumers and businesses to reward energy companies that achieve certification.

Equitable Origin’s mission is to preserve and protect the environment, biodiversity and people where oil and gas are produced through the creation of a stakeholder-based, market-driven certification system.
Website: http://www.equitableorigin.com/home/

Recent press (featured on Brown homepage): http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679266/equitable-origin-wants-to-build-a-fair-trade-standard-for-gasoline

Send us a writing sample and resume to socialmedia@equitableorigin.com


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