Mogerman SYLE Scholarships

Would you like to improve your foreign language skills outside of a classroom?? To have a meaningful cultural exchange?? Do youhave a month or more to commit to the unique learning experience that can only be found in travel? The SYLE program is free with Servas membership and is seeking participants. SYLE (Servas Youth Language Experience) is a program designed for young Servas members to learn a language through a Servas cultural exchange during one month in a foreign country.
Through SYLE we also hope to strengthen the integration of national local groups, as well as to promote the participation of young people in Servas.

US Servas is proud to present the Dennis Mogerman Youth Scholarship fund! Dennis Mogerman, long time Servas member and traveler, is now generously offering for Servas Youth the financial assistance you may need to make your dreams a travel a reality. Two $500 scholarships are currently available for individuals who wish to participate in a SYLE. They will be awarded based on demonstrated financial need and a commitment to the promotion of Servas among youth.

For more information on SYLE and Servas Youth, see
For more information on the Dennis Mogerman scholarship, contact the office (


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