Apply to the Theories in Action Conference to showcase your capstone research

Theories in Action is a three-day conference sponsored by the Curricular Resource Center and the Dean of the College spotlighting Brown seniors’ capstone work and creating a forum for students from vastly different disciplines to reflect on similar themes in their work and present them to the community at large. Capstone projects can include long-term leadership experiences, summer internships, grant projects, theses, fellowships, independent studies, final performances, or community service work. Participating in this unique conference provides you, as seniors, with the opportunity to:

* Present your work an engaging and accessible way
* Reflect on the social relevance of your scholarly or creative projects
* Engage with your peers in interdisciplinary panels and poster sessions
* Strengthen your public speaking skills

Applications for TIA 2012 are available online at, starting TODAY December 1st to all members of the Class of ‘12 and ‘12.5.

Check out past involvement by DS students Katie Gannett, Kyle Lemle, Arielle Balbus, and Colette DeJong.


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