Global Development Summit for Undergraduates

If interested email

His letter is here:


“I am writing on behalf of the U8, a global network that connects students and institutions from around the world to discuss international development issues (


We are a non-profit organisation that has been running since 2005 and has previously brought students from across Europe, South and Central Asia, Africa as well as Central America together to discuss development issues with the desire to engage policy makers and the media. Our summits in Warwick and Cambridge brought the student voice to the attention of governments and the world’s media, including the Guardian and the Hindu.


In 2011 we are undertaking our most ambitious projects to date and would love for students from Brown University to be part of this. We already have universities from all over the world who are going to participate, including the prestigious universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. This November we will be hosting a global online summit that will connect students from all around the world for a weekend of truly inclusive discussion. Student groups from more developed countries will be twinned with those from less developed countries, giving members the chance to gain a exciting and honest first-hand perspective on life in developing countries, donor countries and the public opinion in each towards the other.


We would like interested students to set up a U8 group at your University. We are a non-profit organisation and therefore our services are completely free. For any students who are interested, we will provide extensive support to help create a U8 group at your university.
This is a really exciting time for students to link with the U8 and join our network of universities!


If you would like to see the geographic extent of our network at the moment, please visit:


Please could you forward this message on to any students or student societies/organizations that you feel may be interested in joining the U8 global network or starting a U8 group?  If you would like more information about what the U8 is, how a U8 group works or what the Summit will involve then please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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