Consulting job opportunity in India

The Mahindra Group, one of India’s largest, fastest-growing, and most-respected companies, is seeking adventurous young talent for its 2012 Global Recruit Program.  Selected graduates will spend one year in a consulting role at the Office of Strategy Management at our Mumbai headquarters, and the second year at one of our diverse group of companies, which run the gamut from the automotive sector to boats, airplanes, farm equipment, retail, financial services, private equity, IT, logistics, real estate, SEZs, infrastructure, resorts, movie production, and more.

Come check out our info session on Thursday, September 21st  at 12:00 PM at the CDC.

The Mahindra Global Recruit Program offers a unique opportunity to play a significant role in directing the future of a $12.5 billion global firm whose companies span six continents and have a great impact on empowering customers, from farmers buying Mahindra tractors, through our rural finance programs, to people discovering the world via Club Mahindra holidays and consumers exploring next-generation transportation through Mahindra’s electric cars and hybrid SUVs.

Mahindra is also known as one of the most socially-conscious global firms, with considerable corporate social responsibility, sustainability, health, education, and employee volunteering programs.

Alumni of the Mahindra GRP are selected from Ivy League schools and hail from around the world – the United States, Greece, China, and the U.K., for instance.  They have leveraged their unique experiences in India to go on to the very best graduate schools and to leadership positions in companies around the world.

The working language of the Mahindra Group companies is English and no knowledge of Indian languages is required.

Check out more on the GRP website at, or the facebook event at!/event.php?eid=209838759079216


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