DS Superstar

Perhaps the first rule of overseas development assistance should be this: Ask. That’s what Elizabeth Adler ’11 took away from her research in Nepal, where she witnessed a classic healthcare delivery market failure in a nonprofit initiative for pregnant mothers. In this video, Elizabeth advocates a more inclusive process for designing healthcare services – one that gathers input from such stakeholders as the mothers themselves instead of concocting solutions in isolation at NGO headquarters in Washington.

This is her development studies thesis presentation. Titled “Practicing Good Medicine: A Community-based Diagnosis and Prognosis for Promoting Obstetric Care Access and Use in Rural Nepal,” it received Brown University’s Distinguished Senior Thesis Award for 2011.

Reviewers wrote: “Elizabeth’s thesis is a powerful scholarly exposition of the anthropological, biomedical, historical, and socio-political factors that affect access to and use of obstetric care in rural Nepal.”



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