Kudos to Development Studies!

Elizabeth C. Adler

A.B. Development Studies

Honors thesis: Practicing Good Medicine: Community-based Diagnosis and Prognosis for Promoting Obstetric Care Access and Use in Rural Nepal

Thesis advisor: Geoffrey Kirkman

Elizabeth Adler

Elizabeth’s thesis is a powerful scholarly exposition of the anthropological, biomedical, historical, and socio-political factors that affect access to and use of obstetric care in rural Nepal. Using primary data from interviews she conducted in Nepal, Elizabeth argues that participatory, community-centered approaches to obstetric care delivery can reduce rates of maternal and neo-natal death. Her thesis shows mastery of a wide range of academic and policy literature and weaves them together to make a compelling argument about how to address health care challenges in the developing world.

Elizabeth received an International Scholars Award and capstone grant from the Watson Institute to conduct her fieldwork in Nepal. Her work has been recognized by the Goldman Sachs Foundation, which named Elizabeth a Goldman Sachs Global Leader, as well as by The White Ribbon Alliance, which named Elizabeth one of “50 young champions for women.” Currently working in the Safe Motherhood Program at UC San Francisco, Elizabeth will enter the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in fall 2012.


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