DS Theses: Class of 2011

Monday, May 2

…10:00 – Sophie Fuchs – Return to Pachamama?: The Diffusion of Organic Agriculture in Ecuador
10:20 – Susannah Evarts – Translating the Translators: Following the Development of Actor-Network Theory
10:40 – Kirstin Krusell – The International Politics of Heritage: Translating UNESCO in Brazil
11:00 – Kyle Lemle – The Translation of Traditional and Scientific Environmental Epistemologies: A Case Study on Community Forestry in Bhutan

Culture and Development
11:20 – Arielle Balbus – ¿Pachamama, o Muerte? Understanding the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth
11:40 – Francis Gonzales – Reinscribing Dominant Narratives of the “Other”: A Case Study of the Attempt to Re-Brand (South) Africa During the 2010 FIFA World Cup
1:00 – Isaac Jabola-Carolus – An Analysis of the Contemporary Anarchist Movement: The Discourses and Ideology of Anarchists in the Providence Area
1:20 – Stephanie Koh – Navigating Postcolonial Ipoh: Perceptions to Changes in Street Names
1:40 – Joelle Murphy – The Nationalist Neoliberalism of Your Desires: The Case of Egypt

Religion and Development
2:00 – Jordan Worthington – “Good Health, Strong Nation”: A Case Study of Religious Actors in the Capacity-Building Process in Timor-Leste
2:20 – Haley Jordahl – The Costs of Credit Access: Estimating Religious Discrimination in Indian Financial Markets
2:40 – Mariama Darboe – Passive or Assertive?: The Situation of Religion Within the Israeli and Turkish Education Systems

Tuesday, May 3

10:00 – Sophia Manuel – Elite Interests or Immigrant Interests? A Case Study of the Peruvian American Lobby and Its Political Agenda
10:20 – Julia Schuster – Cultural Transitions: The Experiences of Incorporation of Immigrant Professionals in Providence, RI

Democracy and Development
10:40 – Michelle Nguyen – The Continual Breakdown of Democracy in Thailand: A Case Study on the Role of Elite Competition, Modernization and Political Institutions in the Democratization Process of Thailand

Economic Ideas and Development
11:00 – Emily Crubaugh – Economic Theory and Financial Crisis: A Systematic Analysis of The Financial Times
11:20 – Geoffrey Martin – When Orthodoxy Survives: The Washington Consensus in the World Bank from 1990-2011

Health and Public Policy
12:40 – Rebecca Stern – Narratives of Intimate Partner Violence in Cato Manor, South Africa: Gender Roles, Norms, Social Context and HIV Preventative Behavior
1:00 – Collette DeJong – Bridging the Gaps in HIV Care: The Translation of PACT in New York City and the Politics of Scaling Up
1:20 – Cara Mones – Domestic Sex Trafficking: The Struggle to Connect Girls to Services
1:40 – Elizabeth Adler – Practicing Good Medicine: A community-based diagnosis and prognosis for promoting obstetric care access and use in rural Nepal

Sports and Development
2:20 – Charlotte Rizzi – Kicking for Confidence and Scoring for Self-Empowerment: How Female Participation in Sport Leads to Qualities for HIV Risky Behaviors
2:40 – Brianna Williamson – The Importance of Networks within the Field of Sport and Development
3:00 – Katherine Gannett – Bridging National and Cultural Differences through Sport: The Case of the Football for Hope Festival 2010
3:20 – Jordan Apfeld – “Gold Doesn’t Shine on Everything”: Findings through Film (documentary)


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